Effortless, Simplified Setup, AI-Powered Efficiency!

1. Edit AI Content

Your shop content is AI generated based off of your business name and description. You can edit the content before opening your shop.

2. Add products

 Feel free to include as much detail as you desire. However, if you prefer a company website without an e-commerce component, that's perfectly acceptable as well!

3. Start Selling

Manage your orders and notify customers of order status from inside the merchant portal where you have full control over your shop, after adding you payment account.

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Company Website and Online Store

R250.00 pm*

  • AI-generated shop content
  • Secure Online Payments
  • User-friendly Shop Editor
  • Efficient Product and Order Management
  • Customizable Store Design
    *Monthly amount excluding card fees  from payment partner.

    Ready to unleash your creativity? Dive into the video below for a captivating tutorial on our powerful editor – your first step towards crafting a unique and engaging online store.